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Woods Entertainment was founded late in 2003. The company is primarily a music management company but serves as a small promotion company as well. Woods Entertainment works mostly with bands based out of Atlanta, GA and Athens, GA. The company was founded by Tim Sweetwood, who has a background in music/entertainment promotions and band management. He has worked with several bands in Georgia as well as Ohio throughout the years. The most recent member to join Woods Entertainment is Ryan Flaherty. Ryan is from Atlanta, GA and has promoted bands in Georgia for the past several years. Nicola Wallis is the latest addition to the Woods Entertainment team. She brings booking and promotions experience along with her time spent at Star 94.1FM here in Atlanta.
Although Woods Entertainment works with bands at any level in their career, Woods Entertainment is primarily focused on working with bands in the beginning stages of their career. Woods Entertainment works with the artist or band to raise them into a national and worldwide touring act. Woods Entertainment management services work with every aspect of the bands career including booking, promoting, recording, publicizing, distribution, and sponsorship. Woods Entertainment really wants the artists they represent to focus on the most important part of the music industry, playing music, and the company will handle the rest.
Thanks again for visiting Woods Entertainment online and we hope to see you at a show soon.

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